Thursday, March 6, 2014

"One Game Season": Jacks Prepare for District Championship

"Success Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity"
The 2013-2014 Lumberjack basketball season has provided our TEAM and supporters with many memorable moments, but also several instances of heartache. WE have shown signs of resiliency in the face of adversity as well as are youth when the game is on the line. As a group WE must continue to grow and mature as stakes increase game by game. At this point in the season teams across the country have competed in their final game, and begun to look forward to next year. Believe it or not several teams who are still lucky enough to be alive wouldn't mind taking a loss, and calling it a season.
Our TEAM is focused on embracing each moment, each practice, each opportunity to have one more day together. Drills stay the same, I still yell when WE don't get it right, and players continue to have good days and not so good days. WE can not control who WE play, when WE play, or where WE play but WE are in control of our preparation. Mental toughness plays a much larger part role in the days leading up to this important game than physical output. I believe our TEAM is going to play hard, because WE understand that is the only way to win. More importantly WE must retain a level of mental focus superior to that of our opponent in order to be successful. Discipline, execution, and energy will be the three most important factors on Sunday when we compete against Central Community College (22-9) out of Columbus, NE.
Tomorrow WE will depart for Nebraska as WE continue our journey TOGETHER. There is no doubt success will only be attainable by way of a tremendous collective effort. Individually WE must discipline ourselves in order to reach new heights and collectively WE must work TOGETHER as a FAMILY. Regardless of  the outcome I can assure you nothing has been given to this group. WE are a unique collection of random pieces found from far and wide with only one variable considered common. Each and every one of these Jack Boyz, including myself were seemingly forced to take a risk at Dakota College because everybody else counted us out. WE were not talented enough, big enough, strong enough, or smart enough for others to believe our presence was necessary. This weekend WE strive to reach unforeseen destinations, challenge basketball stereotypes, and leave a legacy to be remembered.
ROAD TO Central Community College:
This past Sunday the Lumberjack TEAM squared off with Gogebic CC for the Region XIII Title. In the early going it appeared DCB would take control and cruise to the next round with a 24-13 lead 10 minutes into the game. At half-time the lead would drop to 9, but it was clear Gogebic was not going away and their game plan was to "fire away" from beyond the arc going 9-25 in the first half. The second half would be much more interesting with GCC taking a lead with 8 minutes to go. Julian Vasquez would have to watch the lead slip away from the bench with 4 fouls majority of the half.
With only 5 minutes to go and the Jacks trailing by six points, Vasquez would enter the game and immediately make his impact felt. Vasquez rattled off 11 straight points to tie the game at 85-85 with 38 seconds to play and Dakota College ball. Out of a timeout, WE were able to get Vasquez the ball and allow him the freedom to make a play. As the shot clock was expiring he would penetrate baseline and deliver an exceptional bounce pass to the corner where the pass would find Xavier Cruz. Cruz would knock down the corner 3 with just over 7 seconds to play. This would turn out to be the final play due to a turnover caused by Cruz to end the game as well.
The final score would be 88-85 as the Lumberjack TEAM captured the Region XIII Title for the 1st time since 1990. Julian Vasquez would receive Region XIII MVP honors to go along with 1st Team All-Region. Jalyn Turner would also be acknowledged for his successful freshman year by receiving All-Region as well.
Vasquez - 26 points, 3 assists
Billy Engel - 15 points (3/3 from 3FG), 3 assists
Cruz - Game Winning 3FG with :7 to play
Sunday at 1pm the Dakota College Lumberjacks will face Central Community College in Columbus, NE. The game will be livestreamed allowing all supporters to catch the action.
Thank you to all who have been outstanding in your support.
Get Jacked UP,
Cory Fehringer

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jacks Moving On: 84-56 Win vs UTTC

It was a good night for Lumberjack Basketball as WE were able to defeat United Tribal Technical College by a score of 84-56. Often times players and coaches emphasize playing hard to finish games, but WE strive to prioritize each possession as the most important possession. As soon as the ball was thrown in the air it was clear the Jack Boyz had came to play beginning the game on a 11-0, and eventually taking a 25-6 lead early on. When the buzzer sounded to go in at half WE had executed on both ends of the floor, which led to a 47-20 score at intermission.

The second half would lead to a much more even style of play as the game slowed down. Our offense begin to become stagnant in fear of allowing UTTC to have more possessions which caused some hesitant basketball. Defensively more layups and fouls began to take place, but WE never appeared to give UTTC any confidence that the game would ever be in question. As a coach I was extremely proud of our TEAM for their performance in the first half stemming from discipline, execution, and communication.


Sam Robinson (FR) Chicago, IL     - 13 points, 10 rebounds

Jalyn Turner (FR) Chicago, IL         - 15 points

Billy Engel (SO) Cooperstown, ND - 10 points, 3 assists

Moving On:

With last night's win the Lumberjack Basketball TEAM moves on to the 2nd Round. Sunday, March 2nd at 2pm the Dakota College Lumberjacks will play host to Gogebic Community College (20-10) who sport an 8 game winning streak. Come visit "The Woodshed" and cheer on your Jack Boyz as WE attempt to survive another game, and hoist the Region XIII Title.

Thank you for the continued support.

Get Jacked UP,

Cory Fehringer

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jacks Fall to NDSCS: Bounce Back Mentality

On Monday evening the Lumberjack Basketball TEAM took on North Dakota State College of Science at home in "The Woodshed". It was a difficult loss as WE couldn't capitalize in the second half and the final scored was sealed at 65-60 in favor of the Wildcats. Monday nights match-up was quite different than what fans have became accustomed to as our offense was held in check, but surprisingly WE also played pestering defense holding the Wildcats to a minimal amount.

At half-time the score was 26-27 with the Wildcats going into the locker rooms with a 1 point lead. During the break WE believed there was no way our offense would continue to struggle, and early on it appeared WE would roll to another victory. Midway through the second half the Jacks would take a 10 point lead only to allow NDSCS to go on an unbelievable stretch. I'm not sure of the exact numbers (mostly because I am hiding from the truth) but rumor has it WE did not get a basket other than a free throw for 9 minutes. One can only imagine the turn of events as the Wildcats ended up turning the table by establishing a double digit lead of their own. Our TEAM would make a dramatic comeback once again only to come up short as Kolbi Selby let one fly from the volleyball line hoping to make it a 1-point game with 9 seconds to play. When it was all said and done WE were unable to protect our home court for the first time all season.

BUT... WE have no need to panic or hang our heads. The loss against NDSCS only did one thing in all honesty, which was took away the opportunity to share the Mon-Dak Conference title. Much is still to be had as we continue to improve on our 23-5 record, attempt to place 2nd in the conference, and work to play better basketball going into the 1st round of post-season play.


Julian Vasquez : 23 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists


Tonight WE travel to Devils Lake and take on Lake Region State College at 8pm. Great TEAMS do not loose back to back games, and WE will strive to continue this goal.

Thank you for the continued support!

Get Jacked UP,

Cory Fehringer

Friday, February 7, 2014

Jacks Sweep The Week

"I-94 Invite Champs"
Coach Fehringer is out on the road recruiting, so I have the duty of writing the blog for these past 2 games!  Hopefully the insight from the assistant's side may be refreshing and a little humorous.

Earlier in the year, you might have recalled we played for the "MEGA BOWL" which consisted of us winning 3 games in a row, and 2 of them being in the Cobblestone Classic.  The outcome of this "MEGA BOWL" was bigger than we expected as us coaches.  The guys really embraced the fact of having a mini tournament in the season to get through tough stretches of games.  Seeing the enthusiasm they brought to those games to win the "MEGA BOWL" inspired us to have another tournament to help us snag these last 3 Mon-Dak conference games.  We chose the name "I-94 Invite" because I-94 is the interstate we must  travel down to get to Danville, IL which is where the DII National Championship is held.

The first game of the tournament started with Lake Region, and as the video in the post from last week shows, was one for the ages!  The next 2 games versus Bismarck State and United Tribes were going to be a test for our guys, not only mentally but physically as well.  With Tribes being the team we have to beat in order to host the 1st round of Region XIII tournament, having it be the championship game for the "I-94 Invite" couldn't be any more perfect.


Coming into this game that there was a buzz going around town from how exciting our previous game was against Lake Region.  We knew that with this buzz, we were going to get more fans at the game than we have in the past.  As the Lady Jacks game was counting down in the 2nd OT, there was hardly any room for fans to sit! 

After tip-off, our guys came out of the gate letting McCloud get an easy 3, which made us nervous because we could not let him get going! The next 5 minutes were one of those times as an assistant coach where you hope the head coach has something up his sleeve because you don't have a clue what to do! Our guys were getting good shots, but the ball just wouldn't fall through the net! As the first half came to a close, the guys started to settle in and started playing Lumberjack basketball. We went into halftime with a lead of 41-38.

The second half our guys got a sense of urgency and turned up their intensity!  This win was truly a team effort because there were 5 guys who scored 12 points or more and a final score of 91-78.

Julian Vasquez- 17 points and 10 rebounds.
Billy Engel- 14 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists
Jalyn Turner- 14 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists
Xavier Cruz- 13 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists
Patrick Robinson- 12 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist.


One of the things you do not want to happen to you as an assistant coach (especially this part of the season) is to get sick. Getting everything ready for practice, games, etc. takes a lot of time and having a cloud over your head does not help one bit. The only thing that could make this worse is if I would get Coach Fehringer sick.......... which happened!

The reason why I tell you these details is because it changes how you practice leading up to games.  We cannot let our players catch our cold, because if any one of them goes down, our strategy changes.  So with Coach Fehringer in the stands giving direction, and my voice whispering in the midst of the shoe squeaking and ball bouncing, we prepare for the championship game of the "I-94 Invite."

Going to Tribes we knew it was going to be tough to win because they have only lost 1 time while at home.  Along with that, they were very competitive when they came here and gave us a run for our money.  We knew we had to slow down their point guard and get to their shooters in order for us to come out victorious.  The game started off with us scoring 16 of our 22 points in transition, which is exactly what we wanted to do.  But on the flip side, they had 10 of their 20 points in transition as well, and 6 additional points from the free throw line.  At halftime we were only up by 7 and we were still not sticking 100% to the game plan defensively.

After another motivating speech by Coach Fehringer, the team came out guns blazing and got a quick 15 point lead on them.  Just as we knew would happen, Tribes got on a roll as well and started to make a comeback by hitting a few 3's and getting us to force contested shots and get quick turnovers.  There are times in games where you want your guys to fight through their own mistakes and weather the storms by themselves. On occasion, there are times when the basketball gods come in and help them out when they aren't quite getting the message, which is what happened to them....... Media Timeout!  The minute timeout helped our guys focus in and forget about what happened the previous 5 minutes prior, and finish out the rest of the game strong.  The team came together and once again played Lumberjack basketball and finished the game in an exciting and enjoyable way winning 94-71.

The last win now makes the Lumberjacks record 23-4 overall and 5-2 in the Mon-Dak conference.

The team making a 94 with their hands for being champs


Julian Vasquez was named the Mon-Dak Player of the Week for the 2nd time this year!  His record setting performance in last weeks overtime win against Lake Region earned him this award. He scored 53 points, grabbed 11 rebounds, and dished out 5 assists.  Congrats Julian!

Mark on your calendars 15th for another one of our Lil' Swishers camp.  This time it will be held at the Woodshed starting at 9am and going until 12 noon for grades 1-5.  Hope to see your camper(s) there!!!

Thanks for all the support this season and we will see you at the next home game February 17th at the WOODSHED!!

Get Jacked Up!!!
  -Dano Fagerlund

This video below is one we made to promote our team this year.  Hopefully everyone enjoys it!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cruz Sends Game to OT and Jacks Win : Vasquez School Record 53 points

"No Place Like Home"
WE are beginning to reach the finale of the 2013-2014 season, and it seems as though our TEAM has begun to make it's mark at Dakota College. There is no doubt "The Woodshed" was the loudest, craziest, most exciting gym WE have competed in at this point and I find it hard to believe many facilities compare to the unique environment available at DCB. In front of a crowded gym the #14 in the nation Lumberjack basketball TEAM improved to 21-4 as WE withstood adversity to get an Overtime win 115-112 against Lake Region State College. There were many twists and turns as the game came down to the final seconds in regulation as well as Overtime.
Our TEAM appeared to have control in the first half with a 13-point lead early in the game. As the first half came to a close it was Lake Region who seized the momentum closing the gap to 49-45 game going into the locker rooms. The second half would provide much of the same style of play as the Lumberjacks would hold the Royals off until the final 2 minutes. Lake Region took the lead with just over a minute to play and the fun began. With 5 seconds to go, and the score being 94-93 an "intentional foul" was called on our TEAM allowing the Royals to receive two free throws plus the ball. At this moment losing seemed inevitable, but right when hope was lost "The Woodshed" met the challenge with a hostile charge. Noise grew louder, intensity peaked, and luckily enough the shooter would miss not just one free throw, but two. WE appeared to steal the inbound but of course a whistle was blown (Lake Region shot 53 Free Throws to our 27 attempts). The shooter would make both giving our TEAM 3.6 seconds to go the length of the floor with no time-outs.
Big time players make big time shot in big time games. Xavier Cruz caught the ball on the run down the sideline and would pull-up from 30 feet away as time expired. All anyone heard in the town of Bottineau was the ball striking the bottom of the net which simply meant, 5 more minutes of basketball in Overtime. Throughout Overtime our TEAM would control the lead, but it was a defensive struggles as both teams seemed unstoppable. Eventually the same situation would occur, but this time WE had a 3-point lead with just over 3 seconds to play. Lake Region shot a pull-up 3 as time expired, but thankfully was unsuccessful. Much is to be made of resiliency YOUR Lumberjacks showed facing adversity with a big chest, chin-up, and never quitting on the game.
JULIAN VASQUEZ - Played one of the most phenomenal games any coach or crowd could ask for scoring 53 points in just 37 minutes. He scored when he wanted and where he wanted throughout the entire game. When it was all said and done Vasquez went 18-28 from the field (7-11 3FG & 10/11 FT). Vasquez also made his presence known on the glass with 11 rebounds, and dished out 5 assists.
Xavier Cruz - 15 points, 9 assists
Cruz sped the game up for good and bad at times. As the season goes on he is learning from mistakes while changing the game nightly. Most importantly there would not be an OT without Cruz coming through in the clutch. He is a bold player who moves on to the next play with a short-term memory.
It was a complete TEAM effort as each and every player impacted the game. The best aspect of our TEAM is the fact players do not even have to touch the floor to contribute.
Next Up:
The Lumberjacks return to action at "The Woodshed" next Monday to face Bismarck State. WE appreciate the support and hope the crowd continues to grow. Thank you to all of those who made a difference last night.
Get Jacked UP,
Cory Fehringer


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jacks Fall Short at NDSCS: Drop to 20-4

Road games are used as a thermometer often times in college basketball for many reason both positive, and negative. On one side a TEAM with the ability to go on the road and come home with big wins is commonly considered to be "tough" as they stay hot. Taking perspective from a different angle would be a good TEAM who has difficulty finding a way to win on the opposing team's home floor is considered to be "in trouble" because they seem to go cold. At this point in the season WE would be classified through the latter's view dropping two conference games on the road. Although both sides of the argument contain much truth in theory WE must always remember to keep perspective. Williston State and NDSCS are the two longest travels in conference play and quite possibly the two top teams of the conference. I feel very good about the fact both games are in the rear-view mirror as WE look forward to playing in "The Woodshed" on Monday evening against Lake Region State College.

On Thursday evening WE traveled to North Dakota State College of Science (19-2) to compete. WE began the game with cold shooting, poor transition defense, and allowed NDSCS to be much more physical rebounding the ball. Early NDSCS stretched to an 18-point lead but the cold shooting and poor transition defense would come to an end. Midway through the second half our Lumberjacks made a push and closed the gap to a 2-point lead with 6 minutes to play. From that point on NDSCS would stay just out of our grasp as we failed to take the lead, eventually falling to a 9-point loss. Very similar to Williston State WE are 3-4 plays away from coming up with a victory instead of a loss. A loose ball here, made layup there, an extra rebound here and the outcome is likely to be different.


Julian Vasquez - 23 points, 6 rebounds
Jalyn Turner - 14 points
Patrick Robinson - 12 points, 4 rebounds

Moving On:
One statistic which might be appealing the supporters of the Lumberjack Program is the fact all 4 losses are to NJCAA D1 opponents who have a combined record of 74-11. It appears to me WE are taking care of business when expected and giving our best shot to teams who are well above average.

As earlier mentioned, the Lumberjacks will be taking on the Lake Region Royals on Monday evening at 8pm following the Ladyjacks game.

WE look forward to a packed house and the loudest gym in the Mon-Dak!

Get Jacked UP,

Cory Fehringer

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

International Affair: Jacks Bounce Back from Loss to Win at CMU

Regardless of what team you are on or sport you play more than likely a few losses will occur. At this point our Lumberjack TEAM has been fortunate to play at a high level through majority of the competitions thus far. Last week WE took a loss on the road at Williston State College who is 19-4, and leading the conference. The final score was 110-94 with the WSC putting together more plays down the stretch. It was a fast paced game with much electricity in the gym as the Tetons separated from the pack with 3 minutes to play in a 6-point game. Luckily for us there are more games on the schedule and it didn't take long to get back in action. Great teams do not drop back to back games even when they travel on the road back to back games.

Last night our TEAM traveled to Winnipeg to take on Canadian Mennonite University. In the first match-up the score 122-72 as the Jacks performed well in front of the home crowd. Monday night would be different along with the rules and location. Playing in Canada brings about a 24 second shot clock, less fouls being called, and several other obstacles which forces teams from the states to alter strategy. CMU would go on to play a tremendous game by competing their tails off, shooting the ball extremely well, and according to their coach "playing the best basketball of the year". There were many twists, turns, and unorthodox plays including a half court bank shot made by CMU with the clock winding down. Our TEAM would prove to be resilient with a 95-91 win to move to 20-3 on the year.

Many individuals are attracted to sports because of the constant development of exciting stories. Although this one may not reach the maximum climax for most, it was an exciting night for Patrick Robinson a native of Canada who led the way with 16 points in just 17 minutes. Robinson connected on 3 baskets from behind the line as well as grabbing several offensive rebounds. He was the spark the TEAM needed and delivered at the right time. Once again WE had a different player take the spotlight as WE continue to be a group of players who have the ability to share the basketball based upon who is playing well.

Additional Highlights:

Gilberto Shojgreen - 14 points, 9 rebounds
Jalyn Turner - 15 points, 6 rebounds

Next Up:

On Thursday the Jacks are on the road again to take on another strong team in the Mon-Dak Conference. North Dakota State College of Science is 19-2 at the moment as WE are both tied for 2nd place in the conference with 2-1 marks at this point. It will be a battle of the boards as NDSCS is a physical team with a strong interior game to go along with an athletic committee of perimeter players. The next two days WE will prepare to perform at the highest level as "NOW" is the time to begin playing the best basketball of the year.

Thank you for continuing to follow and keep supporting your Jack Boyz!

Get Jacked UP,

Cory Fehringer